Kubica, K. & F. Schumacher"Protect me from what I want" Designing cyber security – Protecting consumers

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‪Katrin Kubica & Florian Schumacher

Release date:
November 2020

From the publication series: "Inner security" 3 , Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Cyber ​​security is a prerequisite for successful digitization. The primary goal should be to guarantee the triad of IT security – confidentiality, integrity and availability – taking into account social, cultural, political and legal dimensions. In order to use the potential of digitization and to counter the risks, there is a need for action in three areas in particular:

  1. Investments in cyber security need to be increased and state actors given the necessary powers and resources.
  2. The IT security of companies must be strengthened and manufacturers and service providers must be made responsible for ensuring the IT security of their products.
  3. The goal of increasing awareness and the ability to assess the risks of digital applications must be pursued further.

As digitization progresses, the area of ​​responsibility for consumer protection is expanding to include cyber security. Particular challenges are the rapid technological development and the high complexity of the globalized markets in this area. The increasing networking and interaction of products requires the security of every single product, not only in the delivery state, but also throughout the product life cycle. Therefore, specific instruments are needed to assess the security of offers on the market.

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