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Workshops are intensive and creative sessions to work on a strategy, solve problems or delve into important topics outside of day-to-day business.

A good workshop starts for us long before the event. In coordination with our clients, we create a workshop concept and plan topics, methods and the dramaturgy. To accomplish this, we use our knowledge in systemic organizational consulting. In our workshops, we draw on a wide range of creativity-promoting and activating methods, from conventional poster walks to idea marathons, from micro-teaching to paradoxical interventions. In this way, we guide our clients in a structured and confident manner through their tailor-made workshop and towards their goal—whether in three hours or three days.

Our workshop programme comprises:

Visions and strategy building: This workshop is about forming a convincing and accepted vision and translating it into a medium to long term strategy.

Processes being tested: For processes to be helpful, they must be accepted and lived. In this workshop, we put processes to the test together with our clients and develop new ones.

Project retrospectives: We support our customers in this workshop to learn lessons from projects and to look back in a structured way.

Behavioral insights: We point out where and how knowledge about human behavior and decision-making can be used to better achieve organizational and external goals.

If you would like to know more about our offer or to organize a workshop with a different objective, please contact us. We are happy to help.