Corporate Digital Responsibility

Digitalization not only transforms markets, work environments and everyday consumer life, but it also raises new questions for companies about their social responsibilities. While many companies are already committed to comply with environmental, social or minimum standards in global supply chains, the assumption of responsibility in the digital world, Corporate Digital Responsibility, is still in its infancy. At the same time, the pressure on companies to act is increasing. This is shown by societal discussions such as those concerning hate speech, the lack of transparency of algorithms, privacy and data security scandals or the manipulation of search engine results on the Internet.

What is Corporate Digital Responsbility?

Corporate Digital Responsibility means that companies take responsibility for the consequences of their business processes, products and services for employees, suppliers, customers, society as a whole and the environment.

Hereby, several aspects defining a diverse framework for action are relevant:

  1. Data and algorithmic decision making
  2. Participation and reduction of inequality
  3. Digital education
  4. Future of work
  5. Digitalization in service of an ecologic transformation

Why should companies take digital responsibility?

Digitalization is an opportunity for corporate as well as societal success. A proactive formation within a holistic CDR-strategy results from the following drivers:

  1. Shaping own future: In contrast to a strategy where management waits for the enactment of laws, CDR-measures are an opportunity to shape digitalization on its own initiative.
  2. Improving reputation: Credible measures strengthen trust and the positive external, as well as internal perception of the company.
  3. Creating competitive advantages: By establishing trust through responsible action not only customers but also investors are attracted and tied to the company.
  4. Motivating employees: Within the company CDR-measures boost cohesion of employees and by that productivity.

We advise our customers on how classical measures of corporate social responsibility can be expanded to digital aspects. Furthermore, we provide support by developing an understanding of corporate digital responsibility that is tailored to the companies’ specifics and work on a joint strategy how CDR can be successfully incorporated in organizational processes and digital services.