Germany students rank only midrange with regard to computer literacy

According to the results of the latest International Computer and Information Literacy study (ICILS) initiated by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement, German students only rank at an average level regarding general computer competencies. The Czech Republic tops the list while Turkey, Thailand and Argentina are at the very end.

The study which was conducted between April and July 2013 with 2225 pupils from 142 schools and which compares the computer literacy of eight-graders in 21 countries reveals that:


  • Almost half of German pupils have average computer competencies and know how to process documents (under guidance) and set up information materials.
  • High-school students score higher than students from other school types.
  • Only 33% of German teachers integrate computers into their courses on a regular basis. This figure is below average in international comparison.
  • Girls have better computer competencies than boys.
  • Students from families that are socioeconomically better off prove to have better computer knowledge that socioeconomically disadvantaged adolescents.


Further information can be found here.

Source: ICILS 2013