Promoting sustainable consumption with gentle nudgesFinal report on nudges and sustainability published

Nudges are subtle prompts for behavior change, for example, live-feedback on one’s energy consumption or prominently placed vegetarian options at a buffet.

To what extend can nudges promote sustainable consumption? Which nudges are already tested and could be applied in Germany? And: Which energy saving potentials could possibly be realized through nudging? 

ConPolicy dealt with these and further questions around nudging and sustainability in a joint research project together with Prof. Dr. Lucia Reisch (Copenhagen Business School), Prof. Dr. Hans-W. Micklitz (European University Institute) and Ricardo-AEA commissioned by the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA). The team was supported by Prof. Dr. Cass Sunstein (Harvard Law School), one of the authors of “Nudge”.

The final report can now be downloaded from the homepage of the Federal Environmental Agency.