Climate protection due to sustainable consumer behaviorConPolicy provides input at the symposium on "Effectively renovating for climate protection"

Climate protection starts in private households. Consumers can contribute significantly to climate protection with their behavior. However, heating and showering habits or power guzzlers also have a considerable impact on climate change. The energy balance of a household thus depends to a great extent on individual usage patterns of its residents.

At the second symposium "Effectively renovating for climate protection" organized by co2online, experts discussed effective and innovative approaches to climate protection in private households. Max Vetter, project manager for consumer research at ConPolicy, presented an input on how to nudge consumers to energy-saving behaviors. In this context, he also presented the first results of an ongoing study on nudge approaches and sustainable consumption. This study is currently being conducted by ConPolicy and other partners and commissioned by the German Federal Environmental Agency.

Best practice examples for nudges in the field of building and living are the heating energy accounts from co2online and a device displaying warm water consumption while showering. Both measures provide feedback concerning one’s energy consumption and nudge consumers to change their behavior and practice climate change in the household.