Baule, B. et al. (Eds.)Transformations of consumption – From industrial mass to individualized digital consumption

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Bernward Baule, Dirk Hohnsträter, Stefan Krankenhagen & Jörn Lamla (Eds.)

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From the series on consumer research, Volume 1, Nomos publishing, Baden-Baden

Where is our consumer society headed? How have the attitudes and behaviour of consumers changed? Are we witnessing a shift from mass industrial consumption towards individual digital consumption? This book documents the third annual conference of the Netzwerk Verbraucherforschung (Consumer Research Network).

Profound changes in the history of consumption, such as those that occurred during the industrial revolution and those that are occurring as a result of digitalisation, can only be understood through interdisciplinary research efforts. Therefore, in addition to the traditional subjects in the field of consumer science, such as economics, law, politics and social science, this book includes the perspectives of historiography and cultural studies. It not only aims to promote the exchange of the current findings of consumer science research in academia and politics, but also to heighten knowledge transfer.

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