Alberts, A., W. Palmetshofer & A. SemsrottThe value of personal data – Does data trading guarantee better privacy?

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Anna Alberts, Walter Palmetshofer & Arne Semsrott

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German Council for Consumer Affairs SVRV at the Ministry for Justice and Consumer Protection

Information and communication technologies have undergone major developments in recent years. This progress has led to a situation where the collection of personal data has become ubiquitous in many areas of personal life. From a consumer policy perspective, the main question is who and how data are used in the new business models and how this should be regulated. For citizens handling their data in the long-run, it is important that they are informed about their personal data: What exactly are personal data? What are the data worth? How and under which conditions is the commercial exploitation of personal data possible? These questions are to be answered in this publication. The aim of this study is to provide a general overview of the trading with data, which is structured in terms of the data's value.

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