Bala, C. & W. Schuldzinski (Eds.)The trusting consumer – Between regulation and information

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Christian Bala & Wolfgang Schuldzinski (Eds.)

Release date:
April 2019

Contributions to consumer research, volume 9, consumer association NRW

Trust plays an important role when purchasing: Are the groceries really safe? Is the product actually organic, when it is labeled as such? Can I rely on the phone bill being correct? Is my personal data safe? No one would agree to a purchase if there would not be a minimum of trust in the manufacturer. Consumer protection instruments, such as food inspection, certification, general terms and conditions and legal regulations, are intended to strengthen security and confidence.

But what is trust? How is it formed? Who do consumers trust? What characterizes the behavioral pattern of the "trusting consumer"? The authors of this volume 9 of the series "Contributions to consumer research" deal with these and other questions. The focus of this volume is on digital consumption: Trust infrastructure on the Internet, consumer confidence in the sharing economy and trust-building in online shopping are t­­­hree of the topics, which renowned scientists examine – such as the sociologist Professor Dr. med. Jörn Lamla and the Dusseldorf economist and chairman of the German Consumer Expert Council Dr. Peter Kenning.­­

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