Welzer, H. (Ed.)The sustainable republic: Outlining the alternative of a modern age society

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Harald Welzer (Ed.)

Release date:
September 2017

Forum für Verantwortung, S. FISCHER Publishing, Frankfurt am Main

The 19th and 20th century represent the era of an expanding modern age. More and more parts of the world followed the industrial and growth-economic path, their inhabitants experienced material and, above all, immaterial progress: Societies democratized, became free constitutional states, labor protection rights, education, health and social care were fought for. In the 21st century, as globalization has taken almost the entire planet into its growth-economic pull, but has by no means established global freedom, democracy and order, we are faced with the challenge of securing the civilization standard, since this has been under pressure due to environmental destruction, resource competition and global warming – just to name a few of the most serious problems.

What does a modern society look like that no longer follows the principle of perpetual expansion, but ensures a good life with only one fifth of today's consumption of resources and energy? Nobody knows that right now – a master plan for such a modern society does not exist yet. Therefore, we need visions of the future that make the quality of life in a sustainable modern age conceivable and visions that make the change away from current practices more attractive – with concepts of a different mobility, different food culture, different ways of living and constructing.

This volume aims to illustrate specific perspectives for the design possibilities of a sustainable modern society that encourages politicians and citizens alike to use their room for maneuver and to pave the way for a good life.

With contributions by Friedrich von Borries, Julia Lohmann, Stephan Rammler, Harald Welzer, Charlotte Hoffmann, Maxim Keller and Frank Graef.

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