Sustainability as crucial purchase argument

According to an international survey conducted by the GfK, more and more consumers worldwide perceive sustainability as crucial purchase argument.

Specifically, the survey conducted with 28.000 participants in 23 countries revealed:

  • 78% attach great importance to a sustainable code of conduct of brands and companies in the market. In Germany, 73% believe that companies and brands are obliged to act environment friendly.
  • A lot of consumers feel guilty when not acting in a sustainable manner. In Germany, 46% say they feel guilty when not behaving environmentally conscious.
  • 63% claim to only purchase products and services in accordance to their believes and values. In Germany, 58% mind that their purchase decisions do not contradict their overall believes and values.

The general tendency to place greater importance on sustainable attributes is further underlined by a second GfK survey, according to which more and more German consumers consciously abstain from consuming meat. According to conservative estimates given by the German Vegetarian Union, every tenth German nowadays lives a vegetarian lifestyle. This tendency is further supported by the growing sales numbers of meatless products in the first quarter of 2015 by 27%.  

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Source: GfK