Study reveals consumer skepticism about harmonization of food standards

Against the background of the ongoing negotiations on a transatlantic trade and investment partnership between the US and the EU, the German Federation of German Consumer Organisations (vzbv) has published today the results of an international consumer survey on food standards.

The survey with 2,090 participants from Germany, the US, India and South Africa shows:

  • Cultural differences exist with regard to consumer demands on food standards: While in Germany 70% are against the use of GMOs and cloning technology in food production, only 46% of Americans are.
  • German consumers are especially skeptical when it comes to the harmonization of food standards: While in Germany, only 13% are in favor of global standards, 39% of American respondents support the leveling of food standards.
  • Consumer preferences are more important than scientific results: 62% of respondents claim that rules and standards on food production should correspond to consumer preferences rather than to general scientific results.

Klaus Müller, director of vzbv, said: “Consumers do not support the leveling of food standards. This must be taken into account when negotiating a free trade agreement.” 

Further information can be found here.

Source: vzbv