Waskow, F., A.Blumenthal, U. Eberle & T. von BorstelStudy: Analysis on food waste in retail, when eating out and in private households and on consumer behavior

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Frank Waskow, Antonia Blumenthal, Ulrike Eberle & Torsten von Borstel

Release date:
June 2016

Consumer Association NRW & German Environmental Foundation

This study refers to different regions of interest, in which the status quo in research on food losses and waste is being analyzed. Along the value chain the authors examine the retail sector, meals when eating out and consumer behavior in the private as well as public context. For this study the terms of "food loss" and "food waste" are to be distinguished as follows. For the value added stages in retail and the production of meals for eating out consumption, "food loss" is being used. Consumption refers to catering outside the home and meals in private households. In this context the authors refer to the term "food waste" which includes disposed groceries, scrapes and meals.

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