Stoiber Group report subject to extensive stakeholder criticism

The report of the High Level Group on Administrative Burdens, chaired by Dr Edmund Stoiber, the so-called “Stoiber Group report”, is subject to extensive stakeholder criticism. Trade unions, environmental groups, consumer organizations and health groups warn that extensively reducing bureaucracy will only benefit businesses, but will come at the expense of health, safety and environmental protection.

Monique Goyens, Director General of The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) commented: “Consumer organisations do not oppose efforts to “better regulate” if it leads to efficient laws working to the benefit of all EU citizens. But we dismiss cutting regulations if it ends up as a one-sided attempt to reduce costs for businesses. Such an approach fails to recognise the cost to society of not regulating. The Stoiber Group report shows a blind eye to this which is why we oppose its key recommendations." 

ETUC representative Heidi Rønne said: “I am in favour of cutting unnecessary regulation. To do that you need to identify what is unnecessary. I firmly oppose any general commitment or arbitrary target that puts at risk sensible health, safety and environmental protection.”

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Source: BEUC