Joireman, J. & K. Durante (Eds.)Special issue 'Current Opinion in Psychology'

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Jeff Joireman & Kristina M. Durante (Eds.)

Release date:
August 2016 


Current Opinion in Psychology, Volume 10, in press

This special issue of  'Current Opinion in Psychology' includes the following articles inter alia:

  • Andrew T Stephen: The role of digital and social media marketing in consumer behavior. Pages 17-21
  • Kristina M Durante and Vladas Griskevicius: Evolution and consumer behavior. Pages 27-32
  • Cornelia Pechmann and Jesse R Catlin: The effects of advertising and other marketing communications on health-related consumer behaviors. Pages 44-49
  • Cait Lamberton: Collaborative consumption: a goal-based framework. Pages 55-59
  • Deborah A Small and Cynthia Cryder: Prosocial consumer behavior. Pages 107-111
  • Taciano L Milfont and Ezra Markowitz: Sustainable consumer behavior: a multilevel perspective. Pages: 112-117 

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