Konrad, W. et al.Smart Grid in the private household. Digitizing the energy system from the consumer's perspective.

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Wilfried Konrad, Esther Hoffmann, Eugen Pissarskoi, Dirk Scheer & Anat Trefzer

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Institute for Ecological Economic Research (IÖW), InnoSmart working report 6

The electricity system of the future uses renewable energies and connects electricity generators and consumers digitally. In this way, private households are also becoming more and more a focus of the energy transition. The existing model of the aggregated, analogue current account, which does not contain any information on consumption priorities or savings potential, is becoming ever louder. The digitization of the consumption measurement is intended to enable innovative control of domestic appliances or to use the dynamic tariffs. What are the benefits of private accommodation? Can they save energy if they react flexibly to market signals? And what new risks are created by the data thrower of digital systems? These and other aspects are covered by the new report "Smart Grid in the private household", which presents the results of stakeholder and citizens' discussions on the digital energy system.

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