Barton, A. and Grüne-Yanoff, T. (Eds.)Review of Philosophy and Psychology: Nudge

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Barton, A. and Grüne-Yanoff, T. (Eds.)

Release date:
September 2015

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Review of Philosophy and Psychology – A forum for debate on research trends at the junction between philosophy, psychology and cognitive science including neural, behavioral and social sciences. It publishes theoretical works grounded in empirical research as well as empirical articles on issues of philosophical relevance. It also publishes themed issues featuring invited contributions from leading authors, together with submitted articles.

This issue is devoted to research on nudging and includes the following articles:

  • Barton, A. and Grüne-Yanoff, T.: From Libertarian Paternalism to Nudging – and Beyond
  • Gigerenzer, G.: On the Supposed Evidence for Libertarian Paternalism
  • Guala, F. and Mittone, L.: A Political Justification of Nudging
  • Lecouteux, G.: In Search of Lost Nudges
  • Whitman, D. and Rizzo, M.: The Problematic Welfare Standards of Behavioral Paternalism
  • Lepenies, R. and Małecka, M.: The Institutional Consequences of Nudging – Nudges, Politics, and the Law
  • Hagman, W. et al.: Public Views on Policies Involving Nudges
  • Kapsner, A. and Sandfuchs, B.: Nudging as a Threat to Privacy
  • Felsen, G. and Reiner, P.: What can Neuroscience Contribute to the Debate Over Nudging?
  • Nagatsu, M.: Social Nudges: Their Mechanisms and Justification
  • Mills, C.: The Heteronomy of Choice Architecture
  • Sunstein, C.: Nudges, Agency, and Abstraction: A Reply to Critics

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