Bala, C. & Schuldzinski, W. (Eds.)Prosuming and sharing – New forms of social consumption: Aspects of collaborative consumption and production

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Christian Bala & Wolfgang Schuldzinski (Eds.)

Release date:
January 2016

Consumer Association NRW, articles on consumer research, Volume 4

Sharing Economy and Peer-Production are regarded as social innovations, which were formed and influenced by the Social Web and mobile internet. They create hope for sustainable, social and participative consumption. But there are doubts as well: Besides advantages for consumers one can also observe the commercialization and the rise of a disruptive platform-capitalism. This volume approaches the Sharing Economy from different angles: Besides the ecological and social-innovation perspective, the extension of car-sharing and the role of shared information on platforms are discussed and analog gift economies and prosumer-cooperatives are being analyzed - including the following articles:

  • Introduction: New social consumption? (Christian Bala and Wolfgang Schuldzinski)
  • New forms of cooperative economic activities as a contribution to sustainable development (Reinhard Loske)
  • Alternative consumption forms as a challenge for consumer policy (Jana Rückert-John and Melanie Jaeger-Erben)
  • Carsharing – a contribution to sustainable mobility (Gabriele Tils, Regine Rehaag and Andreas Glatz)
  • Sharing Information – Why we share information via online media (Christian Seemann, Bastian Dinter, Lothar Funk and Sven Pagel)
  • Share Economy beyond the WWW (Michael-Burkhard Piorkowsky)
  • Cooperative prosumer-models (Herbert Klemisch and Moritz Boddenberg)

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