Zander-Hayat, H., I. Domurath & C. GroßPersonalized prices

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Helga Zander-Hayat, Irina Domurath & Christian Groß

Release date:
August 2016

German Advisory Council for Consumer Affairs (SVRV), Working paper nr. 1

The paper at hand enhances the discussion about personalized prices and gives insights into possible consequences of a broader application of personalized prices. The major focus rests on the welfare economic consequences, the possible invasion of privacy, the lack of transparency with respect to algorithms and price determination as well as die consequences on entrepreneurial competition. In terms of the expected consequences, the Council of Experts for Consumer Issues (SVRV) takes a stand against personalized pricing. If personalized prices are being used according to common law, then the SVRV advocates that its implementation is attached to clear-cut conditions: For instance, possibilities for agreeing with the collection of personal data is to be strengthened and the legal conditions for purchases without consumer accounts have to be created. 

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