Damar, D.Opportunities and risks of Artificial Intelligence and algorithms from a legal antidiscrimination perspective

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Duygu Damar

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iff – institut für finanzdienstleistungen e.V., Stiftung Datenschutz

Due to technical developments in recent decades, artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms are used in several areas of life: in the labor market, in logistics, in medicine, in the judiciary, but also in the conclusion of civil law contracts, especially in the conclusion of credit and insurance contracts. Since the use of AI makes many processes faster and either error-free or with few errors, it is hoped that this will, for example, reduce administrative costs, improve forecasts, increase efficiency and create better products and services for consumers. But the use of AI also brings risks. The erosion of privacy autonomy through online tracking and profiling of individuals and liability issues in autonomous driving are just two examples. In addition, the transparency and verifiability of AI and algorithms pose a particular challenge.

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