Kenning, P., L. Reisch & K. WertenbrochNudge: Using psychology for the benefit of consumers

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Peter Kenning, Lucia A. Reisch & Klaus Wertenbroch

Release date:
August 2016

Magazine absatz wirtschaft, issue 09/2016

People behave irrationally. This is not only true for managers, employees, suppliers and shareholders, but also and especially for consumers and customers. In the majority of cases, this irrationality is not drastic and does not imply major consequences. In some cases, substantial problems can arise, which under certain conditions call for a correction and rational behavioral regulations. Answering the questions of how the behavior of market actors can be influenced effectively and efficiently in terms of reason is, however, everything but a trivial task. Against this backdrop, the following article deals with the topic of "Nudging". This often sounds like manipulation, when it is actually about nudges towards a better behavior on behalf of society.

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