Annual accounts for flat owners' associationsNew study for DIN Verbraucherrat

Annual accounts are of great importance for apartment owners. This is because financial obligations and entitlements in form of additional payments or refunds result from them. Despite the great importance of annual accounts, only relatively unspecific (legal) content and design specifications exist to date. Against this background, the study commissioned by the DIN Verbraucherrat (DIN-VR) aims to develop the basis for a new standard for annual and operating cost statements.

To this end, an inventory of the current practice of annual accounts is being conducted. Actual problem situations will be identified by means of literature analysis, expert interviews and by analyzing annual accounts. On this basis, a model for reasonable annual accounts will be developed. Existing templates and decision-making aids for annual accounts are identified, analyzed and evaluated. A draft proposal for a standard will be derived from this and fed into the standardization work.

Further information on the project can be found here.