SustainabilityNew eco-design measures to increase sustainability of consumer products

Today, the European Commission adopted new eco-design regulations to improve energy efficiency and other requirements for ten different product groups, such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and televisions among others. These measures seek to lower energy bills for European consumers and to reduce Europe's carbon footprint thereby implementing the ‘Energy efficiency first' principle of the EU's Energy Union.

These are the details:

  • Eight of these regulations revise already existing product requirements regarding home appliances. Two regulations for the new product categories 'refrigerators with direct sales functions' as well as 'welding equipment' were introduced for the first time.

  • The measures specifically target the issues of repairability, recyclability, re-use and waste handling of appliances and pursue the circular economy objectives by improving the life span, maintenance and upgrade of products.

  • In addition to improved eco-design measures, five consumer products are also covered by new energy labelling rules: lightings, refrigerators, TV screens, dishwashers and washing machines. Thereby European consumers are sought to make an informed choice towards more energy efficient products.

  • Along with the EU energy labels, these measures will contribute to energy savings translating into an estimated reduction of over 46 million tons of CO2 per year by 2030. Moreover, European households are estimated to save up to 150 € on energy on average per year.

Monique Goyens, Director general of BEUC, the European Consumer Association, noted: “The new repair requirements will help improve the lifetime of everyday appliances that currently fail too quickly. It is crucial we bin the current ‘throwaway' trend, which depletes natural resources and empties consumers' pockets. It is excellent news that consumers' health will be better protected, thanks to fewer flickering light bulbs and the removal of harmful flame retardants in TV screens. The EU has started with five products that most consumers own at home and we strongly encourage legislators to make more product categories repairable.”

Source: European Commission

More information and BEUC press statement