Gotsch, M., L. Erdmann & E. EberlingMaking digitization usable in an ecologically sustainable way – Development of recommendations for action on the most important environmental policy measures in selected trend topics of digitization through the implementation of stakeholder dialogues

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Matthias Gotsch, Lorenz Erdmann & Elisabeth Eberling

Release date:
September 2020

German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), writings | 171/2020

Independent stakeholder dialogues were held as part of the studies within the research project "Digitalisierung ökologisch nachhaltig nutzbar machen" for each of the six selected trending topics of digitalization (digitalization of agriculture, blockchain technology, raw material requirements and resource efficiency of digitalization, digitalization of mobility, use of digital technologies in consumption, ERP systems).

The stakeholder dialogues were used to help derive practical recommendations for action for government bodies monitoring the environmental policy of selected trending topics in a dialogue with the relevant interest groups from science, the economy, politics and civil society.

By preparing, conducting and processing the stakeholder dialogues, concrete recommendations for action were developed for the most important environmental policy measures in the six selected trending topics of digitalization. For example, these recommendations range from reviewing the possibility to provide public spatial and environmental data in hybrid and manufacturer-independent data clouds to improve the consideration of public sustainability interests in agricultural practices through to government authorities supporting the diffusion of shared automated and integrated transport - through subsidies and the appropriate legal-regulatory framework. A concrete measure for this would be, e.g. the development of smart road pricing systems that consider mileage and especially the occupancy of vehicles.

Similar recommendations at a comparable level of aggregation were also made for the four other trending topics. These can be found in the long version of the final report.

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