Mathios, A. et al.Journal of Consumer Policy's 40th anniversary conference: A forward looking consumer policy research agenda

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Alan Mathios, Hans-W. Micklitz, Lucia A. Reisch, John Thøgersen & Christian Twigg-Flesner

Release date:
January 2020

Journal of Consumer Policy, Volume 43, pages 1–9

Consumer policy experts from academia, government, and the private sector gathered from 14–15 September 2018 in the beautiful hillsides of Fiesole outside of Florence, Italy to celebrate 40 years of research published in the Journal of Consumer Policy. The purpose of the conference was to discuss the future of consumer protection policy across a diverse set of countries and the likely research themes that will emerge and shape policy formation and legal rules and regulations for the next decades. Revised versions of many of the papers presented at the conference are published in this issue of the Journal of Consumer Policy. Instead of giving an overview of each of the papers presented at the conference, this editorial distils the key themes that emerged from many of the formal (and informal) presentations and discussions.

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