Brönneke, T. & Wechsler, A. (Eds.)Interdisciplinary obsolescence: Premature wear from a scientific and practical perspective

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Brönneke, T. & Wechsler, A. (Eds.)

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Nomos publishing, Baden-Baden

The phenomenon of obsolescence represents a highly discussed topic. So far, in spite of its relevance, an interdisciplinary and scientific contemplation of the subject based on reliable data does not exist. The publication "Interdisciplinary Obsolescence" is to overcome this deficiency. Supported by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection this book offers a broad variety of themes starting with the obsolescence in current political and journalistic debates as well as its typification. Subsequently, the subject is regarded from the view point of economic, technical, natural, design and legal sciences. Moreover, a sociopolitical reflection on obsolescence is included as well as some interdisciplinary closing remarks. Finally, this comprehensive, scientific and interdisciplinary work offers an interim conclusion about the ongoing debate on obsolescence and promotes fundamental new insights. This volume contains contributions of Prof. Dr. Lucia Reisch, Prof. Dr. Tobias Brönneke, Prof. Dr. Andrea, Jürgen Reuß, Prof. Dr. Christian Kreiß as well as other authors.

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