German Council for Sustainable DevelopmentGerman sustainability almanac: Initiatives and impressions from the social reality of sustainability – 2017

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German Council for Sustainable Development

Release date:
March 2017

German Council for Sustainable Development, writings Nr. 52

Sustainability: To meet the needs of people living today in a way that future generations have a fair chance of an intact world, a healthy life, the beauty of nature and good coexistence. Old thinking patterns are replaced and have to make room by efforts to achieve partnership-based solutions. Traditional concepts for business and society must be put to the test of future viability. Sustainability precisely develops this needed vitality.

In some cases, the idea of ​​sustainable development is also harmful to a superficial and fashionable-effectivist approach. Then contradiction is necessary. There is, however, another communication deficit. Abroad, "Sustainability – Made in Germany" is still not widely known. The fact that we are more tolerant and more cosmopolitan than ever before, may still be as well known as the key words energy consumption, resource productivity, sustainability strategy. But what stands behind it and makes for the possibility is not known enough. That is why there is this almanac.

With practical examples and discussions it shows how the broad society in Germany is concerned with sustainability. Measures and responsibilities of the state remain very important, but they are not the focus here. How we manage and consume and how we shape our lives and business in Germany and with our international partners has not only an impact on us and our prosperity, but also on the lives of people in many parts of the world, on nature and its resources. Our responsibilities no longer end at our national borders. The goal of sustainable development in Germany also means an active takeover of global responsibility.

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