Consumer behaviorGerman Consumers appreciate regional products when eating and drinking

Today, the German Society for Consumer Research (GfK) published survey results on the importance of several properties of food and beverages. Consumers show a clear awareness regarding sugar content, genetically modified ingredients and the regional origin of products. More than 23,000 Internet users aged 15 years and older were interviewed in a GfK online survey which was conducted in 17 countries in the summer of 2017. In Germany, 1,535 people participated in the survey.

These are the main results:

  • Nearly half of consumers worldwide said that they try to choose products that contain little sugar (42 percent) or are free from genetic engineering (43 percent) for their food and drinks.
  • In Germany, the regional origin of products is of great importance for 37 percent of consumers. In addition, results show that with increasing age, more attention is paid to purchase choices – especially in the age group above 50 years.
  • The answers between women and men in Germany hardly differed – the only exception is the "Bio"-label. With 32 percent, women pay more attention to green labeled products than men (25 percent).

Source: GfK

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