Jetzke, T. et al.From Blockchain to Space to Virtual Worlds – Results of the First Horizon Scanning Cycle for the German Environmental Department

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Tobias Jetzke, Stephan Richter, Sebastian Abel, Benno Keppner, Walter Kahlenborn & Daniel Weiß

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German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), brochure

For several years, the German Environmental Department has been conducting Horizon Scanning processes to identify emerging changes that could have a significant impact on the environment and sustainability and lie beyond the mainstream discourses in science and the media. The goal of the project was to derive future opportunities and risks as well as possible courses of action for environmental policy as early as possible and to identify new environmental research needs.

The results of the Horizon Scanning are published in this report. The ten topics of particular relevance range from distributed ledger technologies and virtual and augmented reality, to government and private space travel, bio-inspired architecture and settlement development, as well as alternative living concepts and social division.

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