BEUCFitness check of EU consumer law 2016

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BEUC – The European Consumer Organization

Release date:
September 2016


Throughout the business-to-consumer commercial transaction it is the consumer who is in a weaker position vis-à-vis the other party. EU consumer law gives therefore essential rights to consumers, such as the rights to receive true information, to not be misled or aggressed, to be protected against unfair terms and unfair practices, or to have remedies available in case of faulty goods. These rights must be safeguarded by enforcement and redress mechanisms: there are no consumer rights without redress. A fitness check of consumer law should ensure that consumer rights across the EU are not weakened but improved and modernized.

EU consumer law is there to protect and empower consumers and to provide for effective enforcement of their rights. Robust consumer protection is the cornerstone of building confidence in well-functioning markets, driving competition and supporting responsible businesses to flourish across the EU. These criteria should therefore form the benchmark for the Commission’s fitness check of consumer law 2016. We call on the European Commission to take into account BEUC's demands, which are based on the expertise and vast practical experience of our membership.

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