Federal Cartel OfficeFederal Cartel Office – Annual report 2019

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Release date:
September 2020

German Federal Cartel Office, annual report

This publication is for an audience interested in economic policy and provides an overview of the activities of the German Federal Cartel Office in 2019 and in the first few months of the current year.

Focus on the internet economy
The work of the Federal Cartel Office continues to focus on the digital economy. Last year, the Federal Cartel Office managed to get Amazon to adjust the terms and conditions for third-party retailers on the Amazon Marketplace worldwide in the interests of retailers. In the proceedings against Facebook, in June 2020 the Federal Court of Justice confirmed the decision of the Federal Cartel Office against the unrestricted collection and use of Facebook's data without the corresponding consent of the users in preliminary legal proceedings.

Consumer protection
Digital issues are also the focus of the sector inquiries that the Bundeskartellamt has carried out to date within the scope of its consumer law jurisdiction since 2017.

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