Hirschl, B.Energy transition in citizens' hands is no romantic step along the way

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Bernd Hirschl (IÖW)

Release date:
June 2016 


energate messenger, 06/2016

The energy consumers changes with the energy transition to become a "prosumer". Especially these private households, which are self-sufficient with solar energy and increasingly rely on storage facilities, can play an important role to further promote the energy transition – from a social, technical systemic and economic perspective. Still, the German government with its energy market reforms has decided to primarily support big actors. This can become an obstacle for factors of acceptance, availability of private capital and distributed valued added. 

Surveys on households with photovoltaic plants have shown that there are diverse and strong motives for private energy production. Moreover, there exist simple measures to use private photovoltaic plants in a systemic context. Future profitability of photovoltaic storage facilities should to be used to decentralize further enlargements.

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