Scholl, G., M. Gossen & B. Holzhauer Digital sharing – Distribution, target groups and potentials of peer-to-peer sharing in Germany

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Gerd Scholl, Maike Gossen & Brigitte Holzhauer

Release date:
June 2017

IÖW, IZT & IFEU, PeerSharing, brochure

In a representative population survey, 2,000 people aged 16 or over were asked what they think about peer-to-peer sharing. The results provide insights into how peer-to-peer sharing will evolve in the future, and how much Germans are willing to use online platforms from different areas in the future. In addition, different target groups or types with different interest in online platforms for peer-to-peer sharing are presented. The survey shows what drives these types to share, to swap or sell things, and how they will share in the future.

The brochure is intended for platform operators and other practitioners from the sharing area. It is a result of the research project "PeerSharing - Internet-based Business Models for Community Consumption as a Contribution to Sustainable Management". The survey was conducted online in May 2016.

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