BSIDigital consumer protection report

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German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

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German Federal Office for Information Security, report BSI-DVS21/001

For the first time, this report maps out potential threats in the digital space for consumers over the past year, thus identifying current challenges in the digital consumer market and deriving fields of action for digital consumer protection. The report's target groups are, in particular, the civil society, the state and the economy, i.e., those players who view consumer protection from a professional perspective.

From now on, the authority will bundle the expertise of the entire German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) annually in this report, systematically analyze the situation along the integrated value chain from cyber defense to consumer protection, and link this to a current focus topic – in the current edition: 'Cyber security in healthcare'.

In addition, the target group of consumers is highlighted even more. The aim is to better understand the ways in which digital products, data and services are handled and to specify the needs and expectations with regard to IT security in everyday life – always with a view to the three core objectives in Digital Consumer Protection:

  • to raise risk awareness in the digital space,
  • to strengthen the ability to make judgments, and
  • to increase problem-solving competence.

This report is intended to provide orientation in a complex field of action that is shaped by many stakeholders. The spectrum ranges from consumers to manufacturers and service providers to government and civil society actors. The new publication is intended to reach this spectrum of stakeholders and thus stimulate an active dialog on current topics relating to IT security in the digital consumer market.

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