Credit and debit card ‚rip-off’: British consumer organization announces plan for super complaint

The British consumer organization Which? announced its plan to launch a super complaint against the surcharges that many companies impose when customers pay with a debit or credit card. In particular Which? criticizes the practice of low-cost airlines that charge consumers with high fees when paying by card.

The consumer organization hopes that the super-complaint will result in more transparency - consumers are told upfront if they need to pay a surcharge and if so how much - and fair charges - the costs to the consumer should be the same as the cost to the company.

Which? Chief executive, Peter Vicary-Smith, argues: ‘There’s simply no justification for excessive card charges - paying by card should cost the consumer the same amount that it costs the retailer.’

Which? will be submitting its super-complaint in March and is launching a petition, which it will hand to the OFT at the same time.

In Great Britain registered consumer charities have the legal powers to file super-complaints with the OFT. The regulator has 90 days to respond.


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Source: Which?