DigitalizationCorona pandemic: Elderly consumers increasingly use digital health apps

Today, Bitkom published the results of a representative survey on the use of digital health apps among elderly consumers during the corona pandemic. The results show that three out of ten internet users above 65 years in Germany have already used apps that support them with exercise, healthy eating or other health-related topics.

For this study, Bitkom Research, on behalf of the digital association Bitkom, conducted interviews with a total of 1,086 and respectively 1,075 people, including 516 and respectively 522 internet users, in Germany aged 65 and above about their use of health apps in January and July 2020.

These are further details:

  • In the summer of 2020, 29 percent of elderly Internet users said that they had already used digital apps that support them with exercise, healthy eating and other health-related topics –in January 2020 this figure was still 25 percent.
  • With a user share of 22 percent, apps for measuring vital data such as heart rate, blood pressure or steps taken are the most popular.
  • 16 percent stated that they had already used apps that only provided information about health, fitness, weight or nutrition topics. A further 15 percent already used apps for motivational or behavioral advice based on recorded body and fitness data.
  • 13 percent of the older Internet users were already active on apps for special health-promoting exercises such as physiotherapeutic back exercises.
  • In contrast, the use of apps that remind of vaccinations or medication intake (eight percent), apps that serve as a personal health diary (seven percent) or apps that collect research data for researching the Corona virus (six percent) is low.

Bernhard Rohleder, Bitkom Managing Director, commented: "Health apps can provide particularly valuable help for elderly people. They support the regular intake of medication, provide information about one's own vital scores and provide incentives for a healthy life. The number of health apps will continue to increase. In the future, certain apps will be available on prescription; the legal basis for this is already in place. Any costs will then be borne by health insurance companies."

Source: Bitkom

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