Consumer protection Consumer trust in consumer protection increased throughout last 15 years

Today, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation published results of a survey entitled "Assessing consumer protection and policy from the general public’s viewpoint". For this, the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research conducted 1.384 interviews with a representative cross-section of the population aged above 16. Consumers were interviewed on their personal experiences with consumer protection as well as on their evaluation of the consumer policy status quo in Germany and relevant areas of required action.

These are the central survey results:

  • 59 per cent of German consumers consider their interests well represented by consumer protection. In 2001 this value was at 33 per cent. Hence, trust in consumer protection has risen notably in the last 15 years.
  • On the other hand, 39 per cent of consumers have already made bad experiences as well, mostly regarding financial services, the telecommunications sector and groceries.
  • Consumers noted major deficits, especially in the area of personal data protection on the internet, gasoline prices, telecommunications and financial services.
  • Transparency and information, protection from risk and the empowerment of consumer rights were considered as primary tasks of consumer policy.
  • The vast majority is in favor of strong governmental involvement for consumer protection and take a positive stance on the "Nudging" approach.

Source: Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation

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