Kenning, P. et al. (Eds.)Consumer sciences – general conditions, research areas and institutions

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Peter Kenning, Andreas Oehler, Lucia A. Reisch & Christian Grugel (Eds.)

December 2016

Gabler Publishing, Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH

In this editor's volume, the diverse topic of consumer sciences is being scientific-conceptually defined, outlined and structured. Selected problems in consumer sciences and consumer policy consultation are focused upon, such as the digital world, energy, food, finances and health. Distinguished experts introduce institutions and organizations on a national, federal and state level and additionally examine consumers from a practical perspective.

The content:

  • Definitions, conceptual distinctions and development paths in consumer science
  • General conditions from an economic, historical, technological, political and social science as well as legal perspective
  • Significant research areas
  • Innovative approaches in consumer sciences
  • Institutions, organisations and actors  

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