Art and scienceConPolicy gives lecture at the exhibition opening "New inspiration on Consumption"

More than 220 kilos of packaging and over 85 kilos of food are thrown into the bin by every German every year. Precious resources that should disappear as soon as possible: wa
ste is burned, shipped and (far too rarely) recycled. In the exhibition "Fenster des Konsums" the focus is on garbage. Inspiring packaging installations invite visitors to reflect on their consumer behavior and its impact. After all, garbage is only one of the many downsides of our consumption. But why is it so hard to consume sustainably? At the vernissage, ConPolicy’s Viola Muster gave a lecture on the challenges of sustainable consumption and presented solutions.

The exhibition of the Group Global 3000 will be on display until 9 August on Fridays from 5 – 8 pm in the gallery for sustainable art in Berlin.