Working group consumer policy at the BDI – Federation of German IndustriesConPolicy gives impulse on Corporate Digital Responsibility and simplified privacy policies

Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) becomes increasingly important in an interconnected world – nevertheless, the responsible treatment of digital topics is still at the very beginning in most organizations.

Important aspects of Corporate Digital Responsibility are privacy and education as well as access to the internet, IT-security, liability and education.

On November 3, 2017 ConPolicy director Prof. Dr. Christian Thorun and project manager Dr. Sara Elisa Kettner held a presentation on CDR and consumer information within the meeting of the consumer policy working group of the BDI – Federation of German Industries.

Besides a general introduction into the CDR-topic and the presentation of existing good practices, the results of the ConPolicy-study on the effectiveness of the so called One-Pager, which is a concrete example of CDR in the area of privacy, were presented.