econsense Impulses for sustainabilityConPolicy gives impulse about data protection and security in the industry 4.0

Digitalization transforms our everyday lives. In this transformation data constitutes a critical resource. Hence, in the context of the debate about the social responsibility of companies the question has to be addressed how these data should be protected against misuse, manipulation and other threats.

In the Nauener Gespräche 2017 econsense hosts a workshop about “Data protection and security in the industry 4.0”. The workshops asks what kind of responsibility companies have in this realm and what they can best do. In addition to Monika Menz, Senior Associate at Ernst & Young, Stefan Becker, Head of Unit Cybersecurity at the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and Dr. Thomas Koenen, Executive Director at econsense Prof. Dr. Christian Thorun, ConPolicy-Executive Director, participates at this debate.