Is it legitimate to influence consumers?ConPolicy engages in a consumer protection conference of the Tagesspiegel

Are policy-makers entitled to influence the behavior of consumers? How legitimate are behavioral-science based regulatory instruments (so-called nudges)? – These are some of the question that are addressed at today’s consumer protection conference, which is hosted by the German Tagesspiegel.

After a scientific keynote by Prof. Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer (Director of the Harding-Zentrum für Risikokompetenz at the Max-Planck-Institute) Prof. Dr. Christian Thorun (ConPolicy-Director) discussed these questions with Prof. Dr. Gigerenzer, Sara Ryglewski (Spokesperson for consumer policy of the SPD-Fraction in the German Bundestag) and Prof. Dr. Breisach (Professor of Health and Social Management at FOM University of Applied Sciences).