ConPolicy-Director discusses the use of Internet and Social Media by state institutions

Internet and Social Media not only revolutionize the way in which people communicate with each other and companies conduct their business – also political institutions experiment with these new media. In the context of its conduct authority the Germany Federal Network Agency (BNetzA), for example, provided consumers with a tool to test DSL-speeds. The objective was to get a better overview over market insufficiencies. Also the German Federal Consumer Protection Ministry (BMELV) finances an internet portal ( which aims at fighting misleading nutrition claims by using collaborative tools.

In an expert forum at the Quadriga Hochschule Berlin ConPolicy-Director Prof Dr Christian Thorun investigates the questions what lessons can be learned from the use so far, what potentials exist for future applications and what standards such applications need to fulfil.

His guests are: Dr Iris Henseler-Unger, Vize-President of the BNetzA; Dr Roland Kuntze, Vice President Corporate Communication Telefónica Germany; Christian Fronczak, Deputy Spokesperson BMELV; Patrick Kammerer, Director Public Affairs and Communications Coca-Cola GmbH and Ben Scott, Senior Advisor at the Open Technology Institute and Programme Director at the Stiftung Neue Verantwortung.