Chaping digitalizationConPolicy concludes study on cornerstones of a digital regulatory policy

Digitalization does not only pose the question what kinds of new regulations need to be put in place, but also by what kind of regulation these new rules should be developed and enforced. While some argue in favour of classic command-and-control approaches, others argue that co- and self-regulation should be expanded.

Together with Prof Dr Gerald Spindler (University of Göttingen) ConPolicy developed Cornerstones of a Digital Regulatory Policy for the Association for Self-regulation in the Information Society (SRIW). The study argues that co-regulation should more widely be used to sector-wise concretise abstract laws, that minimum standards should be established for co-regulation and that incentives should be put in place for co-regulation to work properly.

Today the study was discussed at a round-table, inter alia, with Secretary of State Gerd Billen (Federal German Ministry for Justice and Consumer Protection), Renate Künast (Chair of the Committee for Justice and Consumer Protection in the German Bundestag), Parliamentary Secretary of State at the Minister of the Interior Dr Ole Schröder, Parliamentary Secretary of State at the Federal Minister for Economics and Energy Brigitte Zypries und Dr Thilo Weichert (Privacy Official in Schleswig- Holstein).