Consumer research forum about consumer informatics and consumer protection technologiesConPolicy co-hosts forum and contributes to the debate

Tools that assist consumers to tailor their PC- and App-settings according to their preferences, Artificial Intelligence-based analytics that support consumer protection authorities to detect unfair contract terms or browser plug_ins that protect consumers from insecure online services. AI-based technologies and consumer protection technologies offer the potential to foster consumer policy objectives by means of digital technologies.

In today’s consumer research forum „Artificial Intelligence and consumer policy: Opportunities of consumer informatics“ experts discussed a range of questions: What are the potentials of consumer protection technologies in general and of AI in particular for consumer (policy)? What are examples for applications that already exist today and that might be developed in the near future? What are the potential risks that go along with these applications?

The forum was organized by the Forschungszentrum Verbraucher, Markt und Politik | CCMP in cooperation with the EUI and the ConPolicy-Institute for consumer policy and was hosted in the Consumer Protection Ministry in Stuttgart. At the event ConPolicy Director, Prof. Dr. Christian Thorun, gave an introductory address and highlighted the potential of consumer informatics as a new instrument of consumer policy. ConPolicy project manager, Dr. Sara Elisa Kettner, presented the results of the DATENSCHUTZscanner research project, which was financed by the German Federal Ministry for Research and Education.