Kaiser, M. & L. ReischCan nudges be trusted? How people in Baden-Wuerttemberg think about behavior-based stimuli

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Micha Kaiser & Lucia A. Reisch

Release date:
August 2018

Forthcoming, Boos, A., T. Brönneke & A. Wechsler (Eds.): Konsum und Nachhaltige Entwicklung: Verbraucherpolitik neu denken, Nomos publishing

The paper reports on an empirical study looking into people's attitudes towards green and health nudges. It is based on an online representative study in Germany in general and the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg in specific. Subjects were asked whether they "approve" or "do not approve" of a list of 15 nudges that have been tested in other countries worldwide. Overall, there is a marked majority that support those nudges in question. Implications for consumer policy are discussed.

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