British Office of Fair Trading launches a Scams Awareness Month

New research reveals the large scale of mass-marketed scams sweeping across Britain. Scams arrive by post, email, text, phone or the internet and aim to mislead consumers to part with their cash. A study reveals that many British adults have responded to scams in the past and lost money:

•   Around one in 11 (just over 4 Million) adults say they have responded to a scam at some time in their life, of whom nearly a third lost money.

•   One in 25 (about 2 million) adults have responded to a scam in the last 12 months.

•   Around half (49 per cent) of those scammed have lost more than £50 in total, with five per cent losing more than £5000.

•   Email is now the most common scam approach - 73 per cent of adults have received a scam email in the past year.


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Source: Office of Fair Trading