Bala, C. & Müller, K. (Hrsg.)Bidding farewell to the average consumer - Modern consumer research: Guiding principles, information, democracy

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Bala, C. & Müller, K. (Hrsg.)

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Release Date:
Klartext-Verlag, Essen

It is time to bid farewell to the average consumer. In business and politics hardly anybody assumes a fully informed and utility-oriented "responsible consumer" any longer. This insight is owed to modern consumer research, which is promoted by the government of North Rhine-Westphali through the center of competence on consumer research NRW (KVF NRW).

A new anthology shines a light on the transformation of the guiding model of consumer policy from the view of renowned scientists. Published by Dr. Christian Bala and Klaus Müller, this edition offers an overview of the current scientific debate and corresponding results: "Bidding farewell to the average consumer" is both a specialist book as well as an introduction to political education. It contains lectures from workshops of the KVF NRW and original articles of renowned scientists on the debate of guiding principles, the critique of the information paradigm as well as the responsible, morally and democratically oriented consumer. 

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