Kozyreva, A. et al.Artificial Intelligence in the online environment: A representative survey on public opinion in Germany

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Anastasia Kozyreva, Stefan Herzog, Philipp Lorenz-Spreen, Ralph Hertwig & Stephan Lewandowsky

Release date:
February 2020

Max Planck Institute for Human Development

In order to provide us with results that are as appropriate as possible and in accordance with our interests, algorithms collect our personal data and analyze our online behavior. From the data obtained, they can derive sensitive information about us and shape our digital environment. As a result, we receive personalized advertising, purchase recommendations and search engine results, on the basis of which we make decisions.

This representative online survey shows that the majority of Germans are fully aware that Artificial Intelligence is used on the Internet. They also accept personalizations when it comes to shopping, entertainment, or search engine results. However, the survey results clearly show that users are against personalizing news or political advertising on the Internet. Although Germans are very concerned about data protection and the majority of them consider the use of their personal data to be unacceptable, many respondents find the personalization of certain services to be all right. At the same time, only a few know and use privacy tools.

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