Rathje, R., F.-Y. Laschet & P. KenningArtificial intelligence in the financial services industry – What is the importance of customer trust?

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Raffael Rathje, Fabio-Yannick Laschet & Peter Kenning

Release date:
July 2021

Artificial intelligence in service management, Springer Gabler publishing, Wiesbaden, pages 265–286

The use of artificial intelligence in the financial services industry is enabling the digitalization of asset management, among other things. However, the willingness and intention of customers to use the corresponding technologies is indispensable for this. In this context, this paper addresses the question of the differentiated significance, if any, of customer trust for the emergence of such an intention to use. In a theoretically based, empirical study, trust in a non-specific, general digital asset management service is investigated on the one hand, and on the other hand, specific trust in a digital asset management service offered by the respective principal bank.

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